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9th Annual Day Of The Dead Art Exhibit

Last Tuesday, October 31 we had the opening reception for the 9th Day Of The Dead Art Exhibit: "Ofrendas de Amor", curated by Calixto Robles.

We also had a beautiful ceremony by Antonio Chavez and of Sugar Skull Demonstration by Michele Simons.

Caixto' artwork is rich in iconographic symbolism of the past, he confronts the present social issues aiming to create peace and harmony and community through the visual language of his art. Want to know more about his work, click here.

The local newspaper Mission Local also covered the event, read the article here and don't forget to stop by and see the beautiful artwork we have!

Here are some of the artists participating:

- Alexandra Blum - Veronica Solis - Yakira Teitel - Lisa Nikkel - Robert Koch - Juan Fuentes - Cecile Robles-Blum - Stephany Sanchez - Art Hazelwood - Denisse Ogata - Pablo Ruiz - Jennifer Lothrigel - Patrick Piazza - Francisco Franco - David Avery - Margarita Funes - Antonio Huerta - Jose I. Colin - Gustavo Mora - Kate Rosemberg - Michael Roman - Anthony Holdsworth - Jhovany Rodriguez - Victor Mario Zabala - Rene Yanez - Joanna Ruckman - Laura Morgan - Mafer Hernandez - Benny Gordon-Murer.

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