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Arte en Resistencia

Amparo Vigil of the family of Puerto Alegre and I were speaking about the political situation here in the U.S. since the election of Trump. Especially all the hate rhetoric and attacks on immigrants. The United States is a country made of people who came and come to this country to work and share their culture. There is also an attack on the environment

and mother earth, the struggle and resistance of the Native people of North Dakota Standing Rock.

We decided to create an art exhibit that informs and inspires people to organize and resist in the spirit of unification and action.

We are honored to have the following artists participate and share their

work in this exhibit :

Alexandra Blum, Juan R. Fuentes, Patrick Piazza, Jose Cruz, Jhovany Rodriguez, Lisa Castellanos, Art Hazelwood, Rene Yanez, Yesckas, Yakira Teitel, Fernando Marti, Antonio Huerta, Danny Ayala , Veronica Solis and poets of the community Chito Cuellar, F\ernado Marti and Cecile Robles-Blum.

A special thanks to Enrique Ramirez and his guitar for his music.


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